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Implemented projects:  
  • Creation of Kobi-Gudauri master plan
  • Creation of Kokhta-Mitarbi master plan
  • Participation in Tetnuldi-Mulakhi master plan development 
  • Creation of new skiing area at Kokhta-Mitarbi
  • Construction of 3 ski lifts at Mitarbi resort
  • Construction of Kokhta ski lift
  • Construction of  3 ski lifts at Gudauri resort
  • Construction of 4 ski lifts at Tetnuldi resort
  • Construction of 2 ski lifts at Goderdzi ski resort
  • Construction of 5 new ski lifts in Svaneti: Lentekhi, village Etseri, Uskhvanari, Mazeri, Ushguli
  • Opening of Tourist Information Center in Bakuriani
  • Installation of artificial snow-making systems
  • Completion of artificial snow-making system first phase and designing of the second phase
  • Construction of Toboggan alpine coaster
  • Formation of Adventure Tourism School
  • Opening of Adventure Tourism School in Gudauri
  • Creation of cycling parks and tracks
  • Lighting installation at Didveli
  • Arrangement of the entertainment park for children in Bakuriani resort
  • Creation of Snow park in Gudauri
  • Full equipment of Bakuriani movie theater with modern facilities
  • Designing of biathlon stadium and tracks
  • Designing of Kobi-Gudauri ski lifts
  • Cleaning of ski pistes from the stones 
  • Scheduled inspection and maintenance of ski lifts
  • Construction of rescue and cableway operator booths
  • Skidata system installation
  • Ensuring staff outfit
  • Installation of fuel distribution tanks
  • Equipping resorts with special machinery
  • Creation of company's  and resorts official websites 
  • Multi.ski mountain product cluster and arrangement of electronic systems
  • Arrangement of campsites at Goderdzi resort
  • Arrangement of tourist routes at Goderdzi resort
  • Rescue team members training
  • Company re-branding
  • Launching a ski patrol service to ensure safety at the ski pistes
  • Training of snow grooming machine's drivers in Switzerland 
  • Training of rescue team members at Doppelmyer head office in Austria
  • Implementation of the EU expert mission on the safe operation of the ski lifts within the framework of the EU founded TAIEX instrument
  • Emergency care training program for rescue team members
  • Avalanche safety training
  • 2023 FIS - Ski and Snowboarding Championship in Georgia, host country
  • 3rd Euro-Asian Mountain Resorts Conference
  • Construction of 100 000 cubic meters artificial water reservoir
  • Construction of 3 new ski lifts in Gudauri 
  • Reconstruction of 1 ski lift in Gudauri